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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mr. Monty's Farewell

Hello Parents,


As you are probably already aware we will be saying goodbye and good luck to Mr.Monty this year as this is his last year as our principal. 


I had an idea for the Parents’ Association to honor Mr.Monty with your well wishes...But I need your help!
I would love for you to send me a few sentences or a brief paragraph of what Mr.Monty has meant to you and/or your kids here at ECPS. 

I would love to share your thoughts and memories with Mr.Monty by pulling all these tributes together for him to read in a coffee table memory book. 

If you have any pictures, heartfelt moments, funnies, well wishes, stories from your kids, a "I will miss you" sentence from your kids...whatever you would like to share please pass it along. 
Also remember you can remain anonymous. :)


This email comes at short notice so my apologies, I will be accepting your kind words until June 21st. Please send your emails to:


Without you this gift is not possible so I really hope you will participate. 


Thanking you in advance,


Parents’ Association President

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