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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Lunch Orders

Ecole Corinthia Park School

Ecole Corinthia Park School Council E-News

Hello There!
Thank you for helping in getting our system up and running, it has been successful not only providing a more acurate but also a more time effective hot lunch program. In saying that I do appreciate the patience afforded by you all in the small challenges we have encountered as we learn the new system. 
You will notice that there are 2 new additions to the January menu, a fesh veggie cup and a fresh fruit cup supplied by Edible Arrangements. We will monitor sales and less popular or less healthy items may be removed from future menus. Feedback on our menu offerings is always appreciated, please remember there are many factors involved when considering adding or removing an item. 
With the hectic holiday season approaching, please ensure to place your orders for January early, as no late orders will be accepted and no extension of the deadline will be made. This is only  to ensure we are able to provide the orders to our vendors in a timely manner. The ordering is open now until January 2, 2012. 
If you have any concerns or questions, please ensure to contact myself or Carla Fisher, Assistant Principal via the office. If contacting myself, please email as I have done my best to return calls however due to working shift work, find it more manageable to return emails.
Many thanks,
Sarah Girard 

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