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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Earning your Math re-write:) ...the explanation

We had a discussion as a class yesterday, and  made some decisions today.  Through class discussion about study habit and looking back at homework records, I found that many students did not prepare for unit final.   So I told them that in order to re-write, they have to prove that they deserve the re-write.  They thought that was a fair deal, so here are the options that we came up with:
1.  I am having Math help/study sessions every day at first recess until next Friday.  I am also having help/study  sessions at lunch recess on Monday and Thursday.   (We also had 2 sessions today)  Students are free to give up their breaks to come and study with me.  I think that by coming and making good use of that time, students are showing that they deserve a second chance at the test.  They are also showing that they are trying to develop good work habits, which is a main goal:)
2. If students don't want to give up their break at school, there is another option! (Which is great for those who love to get out, run around and get some exercise)   Students may also study alone or with a parent at home, create study notes/do practice questions from the book, and have a parent sign their notes. 
*They can choose to do the re-write, if they do either of these options 5 times by next Friday.  In conjunction with developing a good work ethic, they must also complete their homework for the new unit that we will be working on. 
I can't wait to see the new results next week and our marks soar! See you all on Monday:)

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